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EPA Decision Enrages Environmentalists

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) acknowledged that three of the nation’s most popular neonicotinoid pesticides pose risks to commercial honeybees. However, in a recent second decision, the agency refused to restrict the use of any deadly pesticides despite evidence of their harm to pollinators. The EPA analysis indicated that honeybees can be harmed by…

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BREAKING: EPA Confirms Pesticides Killing Honeybees

Exposure to Hazardous Pesticides Cause for Dying Honeybee Populations The United States Environmental Protection Agency has released its long awaited preliminary honeybee risk assessment report – this report, according to, concludes that a widely used pesticide has been directly linked to the severe decline in honeybee populations. Harmful chemical residues from the widely used…

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Israeli Company Completed First Phase of Artificial Pollination System

While many scientists and researchers are working diligently to ensure the future of the honey bee, one company is making plans to do without pollinators altogether. Edete Precision Technologies for Agriculture (EPTA), an Israeli startup company, has developed an artificial pollination system that would, in essence, make pollinators obsolete. A Future Without Honey Bees By…