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USDA Post Reveals Importance of Honey Bees to Blueberry Crops

The case for the honey bee got an unexpected boost this week when the USDA posted about research proving the importance of the honey bee to blueberry crops. The report started off with a bang, stating, “Getting an excellent rabbiteye blueberry harvest required helpful pollinators—particularly native southeastern blueberry bees—although growers can bring in managed honey…

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Why Cuban Honey Bees are Thriving

In the Matanzas province of Cuba, there’s a penchant for old-fashioned agriculture, which means honey bees can forage and swarm without pesticides affecting their survivability, as they have been elsewhere throughout the world. It’s safe to say that life is pretty great for Cuba’s tiny pollinators, with one man, Rogelio Marcelo Fundora—a mechanical engineer and…

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Study Says One Neonicotinoid Insecticide Might Not Harm Honey Bee Colonies

As it can be easy to surmise at this point, the rising loss of honey bee colonies throughout the U.S. and the world is the result of multiple stressors, such as pesticides, habitat loss, climate change, malnutrition, viruses, and parasites, coming together in fatal combinations. Because of the seriousness surrounding the decline of honey bees,…

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Honey Bees Learning the Differences Between Australian and European Art

For insects, honey bees are notoriously intelligent, boasting exceptional navigation skills, communication skills, and the unique ability among insects to comprehend abstract concepts. However, based on recent reports, they may have to add art connoisseur to their repertoire. As part of the Great Australian Bee Challenge from ABC Catalyst, honey bees have been shown to…