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Montana College Gets New Honeybee Colonies

For as long as we’ve studied them, pathogens still require further understanding for how they affect living creatures at the rates in which they do. Given the rate at which honeybee colonies are collapsing—almost 30 percent annually—and the fact of pathogens being a contributing factor, there has been much research focusing on how exactly pathogens are…

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Varroa Mite Infestations Worse than Ever Thought

As many likely know or have at least heard, US honeybee populations are declining for more than one reason including pesticides, lack of nutrition, and the spread of diseases through varroa mites and other parasites acting as vectors (like mosquitoes and malaria). In an effort to understand these factors, especially diseases, USDA and university researchers…

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Medicinal Honey Startup Gets Huge Investment

SweetBio Secures $900,000 in Funding Just a few short months after completing the ZeroTo510 accelerator program and just under a year after the company was formed, SweetBio has just finalized follow-on funding equally $900,000 for the continued development of its ground breaking product – this according to an article featured on BizJournals.com/Memphis. This funding is…

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Manuka Health Investor Wins NZVCA 2015 Deal of the Year Award

The NZVCA Deal of the Year Award is meant to recognize great performance in the private equity industry. This year’s winner was announced on Thursday, October 22 in Queenstown during the NZVCA annual conference and entries are judged based on the return to investors and the company’s overall financial performance. Additionally, the entries are looked…

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Star’s Love of Manuka Honey Encouraging Counterfeiters

Celebrity-Backed Honey Being Highly Counterfeited Manuka honey has often been regarded as a “bacteria-killing super food.” While there are skeptics to these claims there are also scientific studies and celebrity endorsers that support them. Public figures such as actresses Scarlett Johansson and Gwyneth Paltrow, TV personality and medical professional Dr. Oz, and tennis star Novak…

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Virginia Celebrating Honey in September

Honey Month Celebrations Under Way September has been declared Honey Month in Virginia, this thanks to Governor Terry McAuliffe. September is when Virginia beekeepers harvest the most honey, making it a fitting month for celebration. According to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, honey production and the correlating services, including pollination, are important…