Pack of Beer and a Bike Inspire Beekeeper’s Honey Bee Invention

According to Kristy Allen, who works as a Minneapolis beekeeper, she has built up a business doing the exact thing she loves the most: caring for honey bees. Allen maintains her hives, sells her bees’ honey, and works as a beekeeping instructor—all while adhering to environmentally sustainable beekeeping practices. She’s seen so much success that…

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Honey Used in Children’s Emergency Experiments at Phila. Children’s Hospital

“Button batteries,” also called coin cell batteries, are shiny, small little objects that feel tingly to the tongue. For toddlers, unfortunately, that puts these batteries into the “belongs inside my mouth” category, and swallowed button batteries can burn holes through a child’s esophagus within hours, leading to pain, serious injury, and even complications that could…

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Azerbaijan Out to Improve Honeybee Gene Pool

In Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, which is a small country bordering Armenia, Iran, and the Caspian Sea, the country’s Agriculture Ministry, along with the help of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), hosted a seminar for a new project they’re implementing: “Improving living standards of rural population through increasing productivity in beekeeping.”…