Try Some Tri-Tips with Manuka Honey Roasted Parsnips and Carrots

While tri-tips are tougher and admittedly cheaper cuts, they can seriously transform as they braise slow and low in a broth wonderfully flavored by a fairly surprising ingredient—French onion soup mix. The beef’s meaty, deep flavor complements the dish’s caramelized root veggies, thanks in large part to the inclusion of Manuka honey. If you’re ready…

tea with manuka honey

How Green Tea and Manuka Honey Can Help with Gastritis

For those who’ve never heard of it, gastritis causes inflammation of the stomach lining, and while many instances of gastritis warrant medical attention, some cases can possibly be treated with simple home remedies. Many factors are involved whenever gastritis flares up, including excessive consumption of alcohol, extended pain medication use, Helicobacter pylori bacteria, stress, and…

blue borage

How to Make Almond Honey Brittle Biscuits

Brittle… a time-honored favorite. And these brittle biscuits combine one of our favorite nuts with the delicious taste of Blue Borage honey, the perfect substitute for regular honey when you are cooking. This particular recipe also incorporates caramelizing the sugars to give the cookie a very unique appearance compared to regular cookies (think crème brulee).…