manuka honey jalapeno vinaigrette

Grilled Chicken Salad and Manuka Honey–Gotta Try It!

Grilled Chicken Salad w/ Manuka Honey Jalapeno Vinaigrette If you’re looking for a solid healthy meal that maintains flavor alongside nutrients, then look no further than this grilled chicken salad with homemade Manuka honey jalapeno vinaigrette! With solid doses of protein and plenty of vitamins thrown it, this recipe provides many of one’s daily needs…

almond crusted French toast, manuka honey

A New Favorite – Almond French Toast and Manuka Honey

Almond Crusted French Toast with Whipped Ricotta and Manuka Honey Looking for a brunch dish your friends and family will remember? Well, this almond crusted French toast—topped with fluffy whipped ricotta and perfectly balanced Manuka honey syrup—is definitely the place to start! Easter may have passed, along with another chance to show off some baking…

Manuka Honey Flower

Indigenous Landowners Will Now Get a Slice of the Manuka Honey Pie

New Enterprise Will Give Landowners More Say in Manuka Honey Production and Sales A new commercial enterprise has recently been launch in an attempt to provide more assistance and say for Ngati Porou landowners. The collective, which revolves around Manuka honey production and the leasing of land for beekeepers, will allow these landowners to more…