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Even when you lose your taste for soda—at least on a regular basis—it’s not unusual to occasionally get that old familiar craving for a sweet, bubbly taste only soda can offer. While you might want to keep away from high-fructose corn syrup, unsweetened seltzers aren’t exactly much to scream about either—hence those old cravings for some soda.

However, don’t feel you have to settle for anything less than great, as you can always make your own soda just as you would with cookies, cake, ice cream, or other more traditional homemade concoctions. Instead of using corn syrup or cane sugar, you can always make some soda using Manuka honey and soda water.

So, if you’re willing to try something a little different, here are two refreshing summer beverages to try on for size, and they even come with extra steps for making them boozy. Of course, depending on the level of sweetness you prefer for your sodas, you can always tweak how much Manuka honey you choose to use. Now, without further ado, let’s get started on those Manuka honey sodas.

Lemon-Manuka Honey Fizzle

Ingredients: Soda water, raw Manuka honey, lemon, and blackberries (or any berry of your preference).

Directions: Start by muddling two tablespoons of Manuka honey and five blackberries together in a large glass. Add the soda water, stirring gently. Squeeze several lemon wedges above the drink, garnishing with one fresh wedge. From there, add a straw and enjoy!

Spiking it: Before getting started, sprinkle several tablespoons of bee pollen and sugar onto a plate, stirring around in order to mix properly. Run one lemon wedge along the glass’s rim before dabbling the rim onto the bee pollen/sugar concoction. Follow the previous directions, but also add one to two ounces of bourbon or one slight dash of Sambuca prior to the soda water.

Manuka Honey Ginger Ale

Ingredients: Soda water, raw Manuka honey, lime, and a small slice of raw, fresh ginger root.

Directions: Start by shredding the ginger root with your cheese grater. A fresh ginger slice has some bite to it, which means you’ll only require half of a teaspoon (though you may tweak it as per your tastes). Muddle together two tablespoons of Manuka honey and the ginger root in a large glass. Add the soda water and stir gently before squeezing several lime wedges above the drink, garnishing using a fresh lime wedge.

Spiking it: After you follow the previous directions, add one to two ounces of your preferred dark rum, and then add soda water—providing you with a homemade Dark ‘n Stormy.

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