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Man Arrested for Pushing “Fake” Honey Concoction

Abu Adams, a 23-year-old man residing in Sukura, has been arrested in the Prampram District for being a fake honey dealer. Adams is being accused of defrauding many individuals, including law enforcemen,t by selling the concoction of jiggery, sugar, and ghee and passing it off as honey. According to police’s initial investigation, some of the other items they believe is in the “honey” Adams sold include waste food supplements, sugar, and black seeds oil, which were mixed together and sold.

With the growing concern of “fake” honey being sold to the public across the globe, law enforcement and other organizations are taking claims of manufactured honey or honey being sold as “organic” or “Fairtrade” when it is not. More and more stories are popping up across the Web and the news of other countries identifying fraudulent honey schemes and individuals peddling “fake” honey and other goods as whole and organic, and this report is no exception to the growing trend.

According to an article posted on GhanaWeb.com, Adams was arraigned before TDC magistrate in Tema where he pleaded not guilty. The court, being overseen by Mr. Eric Adjei, granted Adams bail and allowed him to appear at a later date. The prosecutor for the case, Nana Okyere stated that on May 5, Adams sold the fake honey to police officers stationed at the Prampram District Police Headquarters. When the officers tasted the honey, they detected something wasn’t right and the honey was fake.

Adam returned to the same police station a few weeks later with the intent to sell more of the honey concoction and when police officers identified him from the earlier incident, they arrested him. Okyere also states that Adams admitted to selling the altered honey to law enforcement as well as some other individuals. He then led police officers to where he was manufacturing the fake honey. The ingredients listed earlier were said to be found at the location Adams lead law enforcement to. Additionally, Adams was using a small number of honeybees he carried in a vessel to defraud individuals into buying.

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