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Honey Flavored Potato Chips Big Hit in South Korea

There are many exotic, rare, and delicious foods that Americans will quickly line up for – when you visit any major city, you can instantly find the best food in town by seeing where the longest lines are. While this may be true for every country and culture, there is a snack food sweeping the globe that got its start in South Korea. Honey Butter Chips have created a frenzy so intense it surpasses many of the most popular toy crazes that swept through the U.S., such as Tickle Me Elmo, Tamagotchi, and Furbys.

Honey Butter Chips are not some amazing act of science or witchcraft, however, they are exactly as the name suggests – potato chips covered with sweet honey and smooth butter. A Korean food corporation named Haitai first introduced these delicious chips in the summer of 2014 after a survey discovered that women preferred a sweeter chip than what they could find on the market. With the aid of social media, Honey Butter Chips have become one of the most sought after snacks in the entire country.

Currently, Haitai’s Honey Butter Chips are sold out from almost every grocery store and market in South Korea and stores are going as far as to hold lotteries to give customers the opportunity to buy a bag. If you were to search for the popular chip online, you would find somewhere to buy them – for upwards of $100 a bag on eBay! Since the demand for the chips are so high, Haitai is in the process of building a second factory to help increase production, stock more shelves and bring peace to the market.

Since construction of the new factory will not be complete until spring 2016, other corporations are, and will continue to, try to cash in on the honey butter craze. McDonald’s, a popular fast food chain worldwide, sold honey butter flavored French fries for a few weeks during the winter in their South Korean stores. Until production of the popular chip increases, the masses will continue stalking grocery shelves and entering raffles in order to get their hands on one of the coveted bags.

Just like any other popular trend, there are three ways the Honey Butter Chip popularity can go – it could slowly die out, it could stay as a regional trend for South Korea or, as Haitai would likely want, it could become a worldwide craze. One event that would likely help to push Honey Butter Chips to the worldwide stage is the 2018 Olympics. The games are being hosted in the South Korean city of Pyeongchang and, should the craze continue, Honey Butter Chips could be enjoyed by the world’s foremost athletes who will likely bring them back to the masses of their home countries.

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