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Bar Trivia is becoming more and more popular throughout the United States. While there has always been some fascination with trivia, the game of Trivial Pursuit put it in the limelight and before long, local tap rooms were devoting full evenings to testing the random knowledge of patrons. You just never know when honey will be the topic of choice, so we have put together some honey trivia questions to make sure you walk away with first prize when it does!

1. What is the name of wine made from honey? Mead
2. What is the male honeybee called? Drone
3. How many bees are in a colony? Between 20,000 and 60,000
4. How many eggs a day does the Queen lay during summer months? About 2,500
5. How do bee colonies differentiate from one another? By odor
6. Can honeybee’s sting? No, only worker bees have stingers (while the queen also has a stinger, she never leaves the hive, so she never uses it)
7. How many sides are there to a honeycomb? 6
8. How fast can a honeybee fly? 15 mph
9. What is the Beehive State? Utah
10. Since bees cannot talk, how do they communicate with each other? Dancing and Pheromones
11. A bee makes honey by “tapping” flowers. How many flowers does it take to make a single pound of honey? 2,000,000
12. How many flowers can a honeybee “tap” in one trip? Somewhere between 50 and 100
13. How many miles have to be flown to create a pound of honey? 55,000+
14. How many wings are on a honeybee? 4
15. How many legs does a honeybee have? 6
16. If a bee were to fly around the world, how much honey would it need to fuel the trip? A whopping one ounce
17. Where is Manuka Honey harvested? New Zealand
18. How many types of Manuka honey are there? 2
19. What are the two different types of Manuka Honey? UMF and Active
20. What does UMF stand for? Unique Manuka Factor
21. What are the UMF ratings for Manuka Honey? 10+ to 22+
22. How many times do a honeybee’s wings make a full stroke in a second? About 200 times
23. How many insects produce food that is eaten by humans? Just one, and you guessed it, the honeybee
24. What antioxidant is naturally occurring in honey? Pinocembrin
25. What does this antioxidant do? Improves brain function

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