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Waiter Charged After Multiple Honey Thefts

Zoman Ahmed, a 20-year-old waiter from Tower Hamlets, stole almost £1,000 worth of Manuka honey from the same health food store over a period of eight days. The honey stolen was imported from Australia and New Zealand and costs upwards of £60 per jar at Holland & Barrett – the store which Ahmed targeted on three separate occasions. The Manuka honey that was taken from the store has a very high value and an even higher demand among consumers – many people believe that Manuka honey has amazing medicinal and health benefits – making the thefts by Ahmed very serious ones.

According to an article posted on, Ahmed first visited and robbed the branch of Holland & Barrett located on Gracechurch Street on June 1. On that day, surveillance footage shows him placing six jars of Manuka honey – worth almost £300 – into a carrier bag and leaving the store without paying. Ahmed then returned to the same store location on June 4 and stole an additional £125 – two more jars – worth of honey. His final theft of the store occurred on June 8 when Ahmed swiped more Manuka honey jars worth over £500. In total, Ahmed stole over £900 worth of honey.

Ahmed was arrested on June 17 by City of London Police Officers who recognized the suspect while outside another branch of Holland & Barrett located on Cheapside. The demise of the suspect, according to police, was that he wore the same outfit during all three of his thefts as well as on the day he was arrested – “ … by wearing the same clothes on each visit, this led to his downfall and subsequent arrest,” said Detective David Harrigan, a member of the London Police force.

Last week, Ahmed was sentenced to four months in jail at the City of London Magistrate’s court. With the popularity of Manuka honey growing, and its value doing the same, there have been more and more incidents of honey theft, from both honeybee hives and store fronts, in London, New Zealand, Australia and across the globe. Honey makers, shop owners and law enforcement officials alike are keenly aware of the increased crime rates and are working together to help stop criminals set on stealing the honey.

Detective Harrigan said, “Ahmed was confident enough to visit the same store repeatedly to steal expensive honey thinking he would get away with it.

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