Your Questions About Manuka Honey Answered

We have all heard the many claims that are made about Manuka honey, including how good it is for us and the many amazing things it could potentially do for our health and for healing. But the knowledge that many people have about this “super food” is limited and they often have many questions about it. Here we have compiled some of the most common questions about Manuka honey and answered them to give you a better understanding of why this honey may be perfect for your life.

  1. How Do You Pronounce Manuka Honey? This is a very common question that people have. Contrary to what may seem natural, the emphasis is placed on the first syllable of the word, so it is pronounced MA-new-kaa.
  1. What Do the Different Levels of “Activity” in Manuka Honey Mean? Not all Manuka honey is created equal – the activity level in Manuka honey is based on what is known as UMF, or Unique Manuka Factor. While many Manuka honey manufacturers place a UMF rating on their packaging, such as UMF15+ or UMF18+, it doesn’t necessarily mean that these products have more active antibacterial components as a certified Manuka honey with a UMF5+. It is important to research the Manuka honey being purchased and make sure you are getting the quality product you expect.
  1. How Much Manuka Honey Should I Take? For internal health purposes, the recommended “dosage” of Manuka honey is between one and two tablespoons taken one half hour before meals. The number of times a day you should take Manuka honey will depend on the issues you may be having – more severe problems may warrant more doses while general health support may mean taking less. It all comes down to self-judgment and what works for your body.
  1. If I Am Diabetic, Can I Still Use Manuka Honey? Since all honey contains natural sugars, it is important to consult with a doctor before taking Manuka honey orally if you are diabetic. If you are using Manuka honey for other purposes, such as skin ailments, there should be no issue with using it, but individuals who are concerned should still talk to their doctor.
  1. How Long is Manuka Honey Good? Manuka honey does not every really “go bad” or “expire” right away. As long as the honey is stored properly – not exposed to excess heat and kept in a cool dry place – a single jar could last for several years if unopened. has been a trusted Manuka Honey dealer for years. If you would like to try real Manuka honey for yourself, click here to get your order started.

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