(and ‘Word of Caution’ when placing orders online)

Manuka Honey USA is one of the first and original Manuka Honey companies in the United States.

Manuka Honey USA – History:

Manuka Honey USA is one of the first and original Manuka Honey companies in the USA.

The whole “honey idea” started on the romantic Oregon Coast, when the dedicated business owner opened the retail store called “West Coast Honey Stop” in Florence, Oregon – that’s where you Stop for Honey on the West Coast…

Locals and tourists from around the world visited the “West Coast Honey Stop” to sample over 20 different kinds of honeys and 10 honey mustards at the famous “Honey Bar”, before deciding what to purchase.

The store also sold local coastal honey, honey glazed salmon, honey glazed beef jerky as well as postcards, placemats, maps, books and paintings from local artists for the booming tourist industry on the Oregon Coast. After other industries, such as fishing and lumber generated less and less revenue for Oregonians, the Oregon Coast is broadening it’s economy with tourism, building new hotels, restaurants, casinos and campgrounds.

It didn’t take long for word to get around, and soon the “West Coast Honey Stop” enjoyed thousands of repeat customers who flocked to the Oregon Coast for many recreational reasons such as whale watching, wild mushroom picking, blackberry season, blue berry season, and quite plainly to visit the Oregon Coast for it’s majestic and rugged beauty.

The ocean waves clash up against large boulders lined up near the shore line, and can produce gigantic splash waves ranging from 15-30 yards (!) high, especially after a Tsunami in Japan…

The Oregon Coast, and especially Florence in particular, is world-famous for it’s Dune Buggy Rides, offered on over 50 miles of natural, wild Oregon Dunes, reaching from Florence to Coosbay.

From day 1, The “West Coast Honey Stop” owned it’s own Toll-Free Number 1-800 395 2196, printed on every label and sticker to this day. In 1994 the “West Coast Honey Stop” launched it’s very first website. The “website” existed of a scanned image of the price list, the toll-free order number and e-mail. The same email is still valid and in use today manuka@manukahoneyusa.com

The “West Coast Honey Stop” served both retail, wholesale and mail-in orders for 9 years from it’s Oregon Coast location. Online the name changed from “West Coast Honey Stop” to “Manuka Honey USA” in 1994.

Since 2003, “Manuka Honey USA” no longer operates a retail store, the company is now an ‘Internet Only’ company serving it’s clients from the warehouse in Orlando Florida.
Please Note: There is no public access to the Orlando Warehouse, all orders are shipped.

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Besides Manuka Honey Products, we now also offer Manuka Honey Body Products for skincare.

WORD OF CAUTION – when placing orders online! Not all companies are reputable and honest…

After having been in the Manuka Honey and Manuka Honey Body Product industry for almost 20 years, naturally there is now a growing number of other companies offering similar products from New Zealand.


Not all producst are actually produced in New Zealand anymore. Many products are now being produced in the USA, but marketed with nature pictures from New Zealand, clearly giving the impression that the product and its ingredients are pure, raw, natural and sourced from New Zealand’s rich soil, clean air, clean water, raw nature.

The reason we mention this new development of “New Zealand” products being produced in the USA, is because the more ingredients are implemented into a manuka product that were not sourced from New Zealand, the more likely such ingredients could potentially be contaminated with antibiotic residue, harsh chemicals, pesticides and other unwanted substances.

So when you purchase products from US manufacturers that use New Zealand nature pictures as a backdrop for marketing purposes – beware. Ask specific questions.

We have seen many companies come and go online since 1994. Most companies are the in the business of “making as much money possible”, whereas Manuka Honey USA and its staff demonstrate true compassion for the customer’s needs.

Word of Caution – know who you are dealing with…

Every so often, new companies are moving in on the manuka market in the US, that have been around for a very short time, sometimes only 6 months to 2 years, and are making claims that they are THE source for Manuka Products, claiming to be: North America’s # 1 Manuka Honey Company from New Zealand.

This same company now also claims to be the “First to introduce UMF 16+ Manuka Honey to North America” and many other fictional bold claims that have nothing to do with the truth.

If it were possible to look into the actual dates when they registered their business name, domain name, and you were to look at their phone records and other substantial proof of really having been in business for as long as they claim to be, you would find out the truth about these pop-up companies trying to imitate Manuka Honey USA.

Our company name is: Manuka Honey USA
Our domain is: manukahoneyusa.com
Our e-mail is: manuka@manukahoneyusa.com
Our Toll-Free Number is: 1-800 395 2196

Things to look out for when searching keyword terms such as ‘manuka honey’, ‘manuka honey’, etc. is to be able to clearly differentiate between our authentic website www.manukahoneyusa.com and “Copy Cats”, trying to look like us, or even link to us, when we don’t share mutual linking.

“Copy Cat Companies” will try anything, to associate themselves with Manuka Honey USA in any shape or form, in an attempt to improve online rankings, or any other similarities, instead of building their own identity and building their own customer’s trust in a genuine and honest way.

More about Companies trying to imitate Manuka Honey USA in various shapes and forms:

We have found that there are online companies that do the following things, such as use our Business Name Idea by registering very similar domain names, also ending in usa.com, trying to confuse our customers into believing that they are actually dealing with us, when in fact they are dealing with a possibly fraud, fake, look-a-like company that we are not associated to any in way.

Can other companies use ‘similar’ domain names as ours? Yes. Is it advisable to do so, or is it better to create one’s own identity online with unique products and services? Definitively YES. There are millions of products and services offered online. It is easy to use one’s own imagination and creativity and stay away from imitating other brand name companies, in an attempt to confuse potential customers. Following is a short story regarding ‘similar websites’…

Just 1 Example, how a private individual tried to “copy cat” the Norton Antivirus Company called www.symantec.com, and sell his stuff instead!

One day, one of our staff members needed to renew the subscription to Norton Antivirus, the world-famous computer company selling software to protect computers from viruses. When our employee typed in semantic.com she arrived at a website that looked exactly like Norton Antivirus’s original website. It had the same colors, look and feel. Our staff member had no idea that she was dealing with a “copy cat” company who who was trying to imitate the authentic Norton Antivirus Company. This individual was trying to profit off innocent people, miss-leading them to his website for profit, all because of the slightest miss-spelling of the real website owned by Norton which is: symantec.com. Also, if you happen to type symantic.com you will end up again with a website using a miss-spelling as “their” domain name. As soon as you land at that website, it magically changes into winfixer.com which just so happens to also be a “computer safety company”, similar to Norton Antivirus – but they don’t have the Name, Trust and Reputation of Norton Antivirus – they just try to sneak up on the ‘big guys’.

So, after we received the CD disc in the mail that our employee thought was purchased from the original, one and only Norton Antivirus company, we called up the company and asked for our money back, because we were clearly deceived. The company did not return our $55.00. So we contacted our credit card company and reversed the charges. Later on, when we checked back with the deceiving company’s website, after our complaint, and after getting our money back, they changed their website completely. It now has an ugly turquoise background color and is set up very amateur-like – any kindergarten kid could produce such an ugly website. Here again is the changed website link semantic.com (please understand, we are not going to put the www. in front of that domain name, or we would have just created a link to that deceiving company).

Also note, that after our complaint, and the companies refusal to give us our money back, the website actually put a Note on their website, stating the following: Note: We are NOT Symantec, the PC Company (meaning Norton Antivirus). For Norton Antivirus CLICK HERE. Interesting. Well, we got our money back, and put this company in it’s place. I think they have learned their lesson, in not deceiving people who shop online. They must have received A LOT OF returns and requests for money back from customers who were deceived. Such immoral practices can result in the merchant loosing his account. So, in the long run, deceiving companies will “run out of luck” sooner or later – so be watchful, ask questions, call a company first to make sure that your dealing with real people – and most importantly:

KNOW who you are dealing with and stick with reputable companies at all times! End of story…

Other ways in which Companies are trying to imitate Manuka Honey USA:

Various companies have actually stolen original text that we wrote way back in 1994 from our website and they copied and pasted it onto their website! Talk about a “lack of creativity”.

These companies are obviously in a huge hurry to get their websites up and running, and are willing to risk everything by stealing our information, text, links, resources and anything else from our website, just to jump-start their business and start mingling online selling Manuka related Products. These companies are obviously only in business for making money by charging more than double our price, ripping off unsuspecting customers.

Some Companies are so scrupulous, to outright steal our photo work and art work.

Here is the current list of “Copy Cat” Companies that are NOT at all related to Manuka Honey USA in any shape and form.

List of “copy cat companies”

ERAS Natural Sciences, 2186 Eastman Avenue, Suite # 104, Ventura, CA 93003

Online Companies trying to sell their products, are not shy LYING to you!

Before dealing with any company online, call and ask questions. Companies will lie to you on their website typically about the following points and much more…

How long they’ve been in business. Companies want to sound like they have 10-20 years of experience, when in fact, some of them have only just started a new business, popped out a website with other people’s content, and then call themselves being ‘an expert’, or the ‘ultimate info source’ for their product.

Number of employees:
This information does not have to be disclosed to the customer, but when asked, companies love to miss-represent the amount of employees they actually hire, in order to appear as a larger company…

Companies Location:
Many companies can operate out of their home and garage, and there is nothing wrong with that. But every company should be willing to give at least a P.O. Box address and / or a physical address of where they do business. Companies can also operate out of a warehouse where access to the general public may not be permitted.

Companies like to exaggerate certification processes, such as claiming that ALL their products are “organically certified”, when in fact it is a lie. A company claiming to be ALL organically certified, better be ready to send their customers a copy of the current organic certification, and place it in every package sent to their customers, or at least, POST the current, truthful, certificate on their website with a functional link! Companies will offer this information, but when you try to click on that link, it just happens to be broken the day you surfed…

Terms and Conditions:
Be very suspicious, if a company’s link leading to their “Terms and Condition” is NOT functional!

Ask yourself, what are they trying to hide? Some companies use a “tone in tone color” that almost matches the color of the background of their website for their link: “Terms & Conditions”, that a well-trained eye can hardly see. Don’t they want their customers to KNOW what their Terms and Conditions are?

Companies freely steel information, photos, artwork, links and much more from their direct competitors, thinking and hoping they will never get caught:
Yet they will warn everyone in their “legal section” of their website, that their website content is “copy righted”, and no one is allowed to copy any part of “their” website in any way – really?

Companies claiming exclusivity!
Terms used trying to make a potential customer believe that a certain website / company is the only website offering such and such a product.

We are the Only Company importing Manuka Honey from New Zealand..

We are the sole importers, or exclusive international importers….

We are the only company offering “Superior” Manuka Honey. This may give the impression, that ALL other companies are offering “inferior” honey?

“We are the only suppliers that ship from the US”. The company claiming this phrase, has not surfed the internet since 1994. By spending just a few minutes online, they would have found out that Manuka Honey USA has been serving it’s clientele in the USA & Canada from the United States since 1994 – soon after the internet was made available to the general public.

Companies claiming that UMF 16+ is the “highest UMF rating available in the United States” are wrong again. Manuka Honey USA offers a UMF Range between 12-16.

It all boils down to TRUST and HONESTY in the online or offline business!

Our staff at Manuka Honey USA has been in business since 1994. We had a retail store (offline business) for over 9 years, before relocating to Orlando, Florida in 2003. Our trained staff is friendly and knowledgeable in every way.

We believe in honesty. What comes around, goes around. We still have customers that have been with us since 1994, and many other regular online shoppers. We appreciate each and every one of our customers, and thank you for shopping with us.

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What to do, before purchasing anything online:

So before you deal with any company online, in general, check them out first. Make sure that they are for real, test them, call and ask them questions. Call the Better Business Bureau or go directly to their website at: www.bbb.com

Your ultimate Protection when placing orders online:

Thoroughly check out a company FIRST, before buying anything!

Call the company during regular business hours and ask questions

Contact the Better Business Bureau personally and investigate if any complaints have been filed against the company you are intending to place an order

Once you have taken the above safety precautions, go ahead and place your first trial order

Regarding Customer Service: observe how long it takes to receive your order, make notes on how you experienced their Customer Service? Was the person on the phone friendly AND knowledgeable, or did you reach the order clerk, who has never actually used the products from the company they work for?

Last, but not least, after receiving your first order, usually within 1-2 weeks, if you are happy with the service and the products, and you are sure that you are dealing with a reputable company – stay with them.

Keep ordering from same company over and over again, and also tell your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers about your findings. This way, good, honest companies will continue to grow, while “weed” companies will end up in the “compost” of internet businesses.

Happy surfing…

We hope above information about Manuka Honey USA’s History and the valuable Tips on how to safely shop online, was informative and valuable to you.

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