With all of the skin care products on the market today, it may seem a bit odd that we would recommend spreading some honey on your skin to nourish and moisturize it. However, if you look back in history, some of the most beautiful women to walk around were doing just that. How do you think Cleopatra was able to keep that beautiful and youthful looking skin?

Something that is recommended by many skin specialists is daily exfoliating. Did you know that honey has natural properties, fructose and glucose, that can serve as an exfoliator? Simply spread the honey on the skin and when you remove it, the dead skin cells will come off with it!

In addition to serving as an exfoliator, honey doubles as a moisturizer. Look at the ingredients list on many of the moisturizing bath and soap products. Honey used by itself may be a bit sticky for your liking, speaking solely in terms of a skin care product, but when used in combination with these other ingredients, you will literally never know it is there (except for the fact it is moisturizing your skin).

If you prefer the direct approach, honey can be used on your skin every day. Reading through holistic magazines, there are plenty of recommendations to use honey to help remove some skin blemishes (please note: these are claims and not backed by scientific studies, at least not yet). Because everyone’s skin is different, you may want to try this on smaller patches of skin before applying it to broad areas.

Don’t believe us? Then try it for yourself! Here are a few DIY honey skin care recipes:

Honey Facial


• 1 T Manuka honey
• 1 egg


1. Combine honey and egg until well blended
2. Spread mixture onto neck and face areas
3. Allow mask to sit for 20 minutes
4. Rinse with tepid water until mixture is completely removed from your face and neck area

Honey Moisturizer


• 2 T cocoa butter
• 2 T Manuka honey
• 1 drop of either tea tree oil or lavender essential oil


1. Clean face thoroughly and make sure your face is completely dry
2. Combine all ingredients (you may have to warm cocoa butter)
3. Gentry apply to area and allow skin to absorb
4. If there is any mixture remaining, cover and refrigerate. Before using again, you can warm the mixture in microwave or hot water.


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