multifloral manuka honey dripping closeup

Ridding the Skin of Bad Bacteria Through Manuka Honey

While the concept of bacteria crawling over your face sounds scary or even creepy, it’s actually the best-case scenario in terms of skincare, as the skin apparently houses a special bacterial blend that’s crucial for its health. Despite experts previously seeing these tiny organisms as simple foes, they’re now discovering the sheer amount of good…


Try Some Tri-Tips with Manuka Honey Roasted Parsnips and Carrots

While tri-tips are tougher and admittedly cheaper cuts, they can seriously transform as they braise slow and low in a broth wonderfully flavored by a fairly surprising ingredient—French onion soup mix. The beef’s meaty, deep flavor complements the dish’s caramelized root veggies, thanks in large part to the inclusion of Manuka honey. If you’re ready…