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Advances at WSU May Help Save Honeybees

Researchers with Washington State University (WSU) may have found a way help save honeybees by introducing micro-particles into the insects’ digestive systems, and from there the particles would absorb the damaging toxins often in pesticides. WSU bioengineering project manager Waled Suliman has stated that the material his team has developed only attracts specific compounds within…

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Bumblebees Paving the Way for New Pollination Technique without Dangerous Pesticides

Something very exciting was revealed in a recent edition of SustainableBrands.com. A Canadian firm is working on a new technique that will use bumblebees to protect bees naturally. The firm, Bee Vectoring Technology, has created an all-natural alternative to crop dusting with pesticides and harmful chemicals. The process is fairly simple. A tray is placed…