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Nebraska Hotel Starts Honey Farm on Roof

Due to the increased awareness of the struggles on honeybee populations around the world, ordinary people and even businesses are chipping in to help the tiny pollinators get back to some form of former glory. Some people throw fundraisers, call beekeepers when they discover nearby swarms rather than exterminators, and some businesses even host bee…

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Survey Says: Fewer Winter Bee Losses

As many well know, honeybee populations in the United States have been declining over the past 20 years. Many factors have been considered as possible causes, including pesticides, diseases, varroa mites, lack of land and resources, malnutrition, and the ever-mysterious colony collapse disorder (CCD). With so many variables working against honeybees, any positive step forward…

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Researchers Trying to Make Blue Orchard Bees Stay

Blue orchard bees, unlike their European honeybee cousins, are solitary bees that nest in cavities found in stems, wood, and even synthetic materials like paper tubes or cardboard. While a relatively unknown species, blue orchard bees may present an opportunity for farmers and orchard growers who are seeking an alternative for pollination services involving honeybees.…