colony collapse disorder. CCD

BREAKING: EPA Confirms Pesticides Killing Honeybees

Exposure to Hazardous Pesticides Cause for Dying Honeybee Populations The United States Environmental Protection Agency has released its long awaited preliminary honeybee risk assessment report – this report, according to, concludes that a widely used pesticide has been directly linked to the severe decline in honeybee populations. Harmful chemical residues from the widely used…

Manuka Honey Flower

Indigenous Landowners Will Now Get a Slice of the Manuka Honey Pie

New Enterprise Will Give Landowners More Say in Manuka Honey Production and Sales A new commercial enterprise has recently been launch in an attempt to provide more assistance and say for Ngati Porou landowners. The collective, which revolves around Manuka honey production and the leasing of land for beekeepers, will allow these landowners to more…