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The History of Beekeeping

When Did Beekeeping Begin? Beekeeping is becoming a popular occupation as the importance of increasing and sustaining honeybee populations becomes more imperative. But, where to beekeeping get its start? Prior to 1500, honeybees were only found in areas of Africa, Asia and Europe. Honeybees were first brought to America until the sixteenth century, meaning Native…

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Honey Lemonade Recipes

Delicious Lemonade Recipes for Your Next Summer Party With the warmer weather here to stay, many of us are planning our summer barbeques and get-togethers. A summertime drink staple is definitely lemonade and there is nothing better than the homemade variety. Homemade lemonade often needs to be sweetened and a much healthier alternative to adding…

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Songs About Honey

Another Way Honey is Creating a Buzz in Mainstream Culture For many of us, there is a song we can think of at any given time that relates to what we are thinking, feeling or experiencing. Just like there are songs about love, animals, sadness and many other things, there are also a lot of…