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Star’s Love of Manuka Honey Encouraging Counterfeiters

Celebrity-Backed Honey Being Highly Counterfeited Manuka honey has often been regarded as a “bacteria-killing super food.” While there are skeptics to these claims there are also scientific studies and celebrity endorsers that support them. Public figures such as actresses Scarlett Johansson and Gwyneth Paltrow, TV personality and medical professional Dr. Oz, and tennis star Novak…

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Pro-Bee-Lotics another Defense against Colony Collapse Disorder

New Scientific Breakthrough Could Protect Honeybees from Neonicotinoid Pesticides Policymakers like President Barrack Obama and other political figures across the country and across the world have brought the plight of the bee into the spotlight and brought national and worldwide attention to the growing problems the decreasing bee populations have been having or the past…

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Honey on the Butt of Cycling

Chamois Crème and Cycling Interbike is a cycling industry event that brings together retailers, manufacturers, media, and cycling enthusiasts to share information and conduct business. This two day event features retail education events including the IBD Summit and the world’s largest outdoor demonstration. Also included in the schedule is a Customer Appreciation Day, which opens…