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Manuka Honey UMF® 16+ 17.5oz/500g

Our honey is pure, raw, natural, un-pasteurized, truly UMF Tested, Certified and UMF Licensed (Lic # 1033).
UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor, which represents the natural “anti-bacterial” strength in this unique honey sourced from New Zealand.

Manuka Honey UMF® 16+
1x 17.5 oz (500g)

Product Description

Manuka Honey UMF® 16+ 17.5oz/500g

Honey has been revered and consumed for thousands of years. Ancient cultures used honey for consumption as a food, as a natural sweetener in drinks and food, as well as a salve for skin blemishes.

Not all honey has the same benefits. Dr. Peter Molan of the Waikato University in New Zealand, has spent over two and a half decades, researching manuka honey from New Zealand, and has found benefits that are unique to this honey.

Manuka Honey is collected from the wild, uncultivated Tea Tree Bush in New Zealand, called leptospermum scoparium. The manuka bush has small leaves. The flowers look like apple blossoms, ranging in color from white to pink.

Manuka Honey UMF®16+ is best described as a smooth, creamy, caramel-like taste, very pleasant to the pallet.

manuka honey umf 16 from New Zealand

Manuka Honey UMF® 16+


Dr. Peter Molan, Senior Lecturer at the Waikto University, Honey Research Department, is the leader and pioneer when it comes to Manuka Honey Research. Some of his published work can be accessed online when you Google his name. Many other scientists have followed in his footsteps, now discovering the natural benefits of raw manuka honey. Studies are being performed in the US, Europe and other countries.


The Maori People in New Zealand, may be comparable to Native Americans in America, have lived off the land for centuries. The Maori’s have found benefits in using raw manuka honey for digestive disorders and skin conditions. However such practices are anecdotal, and have yet to be confirmed with more lab testing and clinical trials worldwide.


It would be phenomenal, if sometime in the future, mankind would be allowed to return back to the basics, when it comes to taking care of our bodies, using natural plants, herbs, roots, honey and common sense, instead of letting greed, intolerance, controlled hindrance, interference and red tape get in the way of the natural God given foods.

Unfortunately in our “modern” world, most folks are in business of “making money”, instead of providing valuable information about their product or service, that will allow a consumer to make an educated decision to purchase a product or not. As wonderful as the internet is, there are unfortunately a lot of folks out there, that are right now ruining the natural health food market, including large companies with well known names in the industry. It is becoming increasingly difficult for a consumer to know, if they are dealing with a legitimate company and product, or with a cheap, fake, mixed, blended imitation.

MANUKA HONEY USA – only deals with reputable beekeepers in New Zealand

Our company only deals with highly reputable beekeepers and manufacturers in New Zealand, whom we personally have known since 1994 to bring Honey 16+ for our consumers. We have visited their operations in New Zealand. All beekeepers we deal with are part of the UMF Association in New Zealand, who oversees “QUALITY CONTROL”. Every aspect of our beekeepers operations are overseen periodically to ensure that you – our precious customer – will only receive the highest, purest, truly tested and certified New Zealand Manuka Honey UMF® 12-16 Range available on the market today.


All our Manuka Honey 16+ is truly tested and certified for it’s natural UMF strength, called the “unique manuka factor” or UMF in short. Our Manuka Honey is pure, raw, naturally organic, un-pasteurized and of the highest quality. Our honey is additionally tested on a regular basis in FDA’s own laboratories in the United States, to ensure that you, the consumer, will not receive a cheap imitation.

There are now companies importing Regular Manuka Honey from New Zealand by the barrel (about 650 pounds of honey per barrel), and then fill and label their own honey jars at their destination as “Manuka Honey” and will charge premium “manuka honey” prices for the content of “regular manuka honey”. Not only is the consumer being lied to, but you are being ripped off. Hopeful this type of “doing business” will soon be a matter of the past, so legitimate companies can continue to do business the honest way, and consumers know that they are purchasing from reputable companies.

Most consumers think, when they go to a Natural Health Food Store, or even large Natural Health-food Store Chains, that those stores have done their research, and are providing you with truly natural whole foods, that have not been altered in any way. Unfortunately this is no longer always the case. You can now find “genetically modified” foods and seeds in your local health-food stores! You think you can trust your local health-food store, where you have been shopping for years – however, it is time to read every label carefully, and ask many questions, before purchasing from such sources. It saddens me that we even have to “warn” online readers of such occurrences, but they are happening every day.


As always, feel free to sign up to our FREE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER, as this has been our way to build trust with our customers and new customers since 1994. Our company will never sacrifice quality for quantity. As a matter of fact, our company turned down selling our products to huge chain stores, including Costco’s 450+ stores, Wholefood’s 300+, and GNC’s 2600+ stores in the United States, because we know, there is simply not enough Manuka Honey to go around, when running this business in an honest and reputable way.

WORLD DEMAND for MANUKA HONEY and MANUKA HONEY are steadily rising, and so will prices in the near future…

Beekeepers in New Zealand are well aware of how popular their honey has become in the international market today, partially due to the relentless efforts of our company, informing and educating our customers for almost 2 decades.

What this also means, is that as the demand for manuka honey increases globally, you will find more and more mixed and multi-floral sources offered, that may still carry the label Manuka Honey or Manuka Honey. However in time, those jars may have been filled up to 50% with other floral sources, such as Tawari Honey and Rewa Rewa Honey, that tastes and looks similar like Manuka Honey. So you think you are purchasing Manuka Honey, when in fact, up to half of your jar, could be filled with honey from other floral sources…

SMALL PERCENTAGE of other floral sources in Manuka Honey

When the beehives are placed in the middle of the wild Tea Tree Bushes in the remote valleys and alps in New Zealand, the main source of honey will be Manuka Honey or Manuka Honey, depending on the NZ Lab test results, once the honey has been collected and sent off for testing. You will always have a small percentage of other floral sources in a jar of Manuka Honey, however, how far a company is willing to go to “stretch the truth”, and inform it’s customers properly, is left up to each company individually.


As most of you know, the UMF Association in New Zealand has been around for 25+ years. The idea to form the Association, was to have an entity in place, that will oversee and guarantee a consistent QUALITY of manuka honey to be consumed in New Zealand, as well as for worldwide export. Along the way, there have been arguments and disagreements among beekeepers, manufacturers and beekeeper coop operations in New Zealand, who for one reason or another, just did not want to pay the rather stiff fee to be registered with the UMF Association, to have their facility inspected on a regular basis by representatives of the UMF Association, allowing EXTERNAL quality control of their operation.

UMF versus other “TRADEMARKS” and BRANDS?

Because of the rather stiff fee to join the UMF Association, and not every beekeeper willing to open their operation for official and external inspection of their facility, including quality control, this has left the door wide open for some manufacturers to create so-called competitive logos, labels and trademarks, in direct opposition / competition to the Official “UMF Trademark”.

Other trademarks, brands and rating types are being offered and sold, in an attempt to compete for the attention and eyeballs of online readers, trying to catch up to the already worldwide recognized “UMF Trademark”. When purchasing Manuka Honey, look for the Official Trademark UMF® Registered Trademark 12-16 RANGE, for example UMF 12+ / UMF 13+/ UMF 14+/ UMF 15+ and UMF 16+.

Other rating systems, logos or numbers could pop up anytime in the future. The biggest issue I see with these other brands that are trying to establish themselves independently from the official “UMF Rating system, and the UMF Association in New Zealand, is that they pretty much govern themselves, meaning, that there is MOST LIKELY NO EFFICIENT EXTERNAL QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM in place. Who is overseeing their beekeeper operation for cleanliness, to make sure that they handle the honey properly, fill and label the jars according to any type of standard?

MANUKA HONEY RESEARCH continues – Worldwide

Manuka Honey Research will never end, there is yet so much to be discovered. If sometime in the future the “UMF Trademark or the “UMF Association” could cease to exist for whatever reason, and be replaced with a new type of branding, logo and honey rating system that will be required on a nationwide basis in New Zealand, for the purpose of exporting a consistent standard quality of Manuka Honey, then we’ll go by those new guidelines – if that will ever happen?

Still no common ground…

During the past 5-10 years, there have been numerous attempts in getting all beekeepers, manufacturers’ researchers and packers in New Zealand to work together, and be on the same page. However beekeepers among themselves do not always agree, and may not want to be “told” how they can run their operation, and therefore are selling their own brands, logos and rating systems, bypassing the UMF Association, which oversees Quality Control. As mentioned, the UMF Association is not free to join. It costs money to run the association properly. We hope that one day, New Zealand, its beekeepers and all entities involved, will reach common ground, and no matter which beekeeper exports honey from New Zealand, will be part of a common organization to keep insuring a top quality honey to be consumed in New Zealand and made available for export, for consumption and enjoyment around the world.

CONSUMER BE VIGILANT, before purchasing Manuka Honey!

I would like to encourage everyone to be vigilant, when it comes to purchasing manuka honey and manuka honey for your family. Do your research, ask questions. Once you have found a company that you can trust every time you purchase from them, stick with them, and recommend them to your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers – this is the only way to ensure that legitimate companies will stay in business, while companies that are trying to deceive you and your wallet, will eventually seize to exist.




Pure, raw, natural, un-pasteurized, truly Tested and Certified Manuka Honey. UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor, the factor that sets this honey apart from any other honey in the world.

Suggested use:

1-2 Teaspoons a day for general well-being. Mix Manuka Honey or Manuka Honey in tea, or enjoy on toast. Use manuka honey as a full sugar replacement product in everything you cook, bake or BBQ. For more information about Manuka Honey and Manuka Honey UMF 16+, you’ll have to surf the internet, as our hands are tied…


Children 1.5 years and younger should NOT eat any honey, as their digestive system is NOT ready to digest honey. Also, if you purchase honey in a store that has been pasteurized (meaning the enzymes have been destroyed by heat, and therefore can no longer naturally destroy harmful bacteria), such honey could potentially contain botulism spores, which can be DEADLY for an infant!

Additional Information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 x 2.5 x 4 in

7 reviews for MANUKA HONEY UMF®16+ 17.5oz

  1. 5 out of 5


    I first purchased this product after our dog had a cyst removed on her tail and the vet gave us regular honey to put on it. It was left open, honey was applied, then wrapped in gauze and vet wrap. I did extensive research on honey which led me to Manuka Honey. I also found where research articles in the Journal of Medicine where they have tested it and used it on burn patients. I found this company to be the most reputable and ordered it ASAP. When we took her in for her weekly checkup on her tail, our vet was amazed at how fast it was healing. He did not expect to see the level of fast healing that was taking place. We then shared our secret of using the Active Manuka Honey UMF 16+. Manuka Honey really is amazing and I encourage everyone to print off the information and share it with your vet so he/she may use it for any of their patients where honey is used instead of a topical medication.

    • :

      Hello Lisa
      Thank you for your feedback. You did great work on your research. We are happy that you found Manuka Honey to be beneficial for your dog’s tail wound / surgery scar.
      Do you have any “before” and “after” pictures of your dog’s tail that you could email to us at: manuka@manukahoneyusa.com? With your permission (and your dog’s permission),
      we could eventually add your comment with photos in the Manuka Honey Book Project. The book will be a neutral documentary about manuka honey, full of research information and
      testimonials. The book will NOT be related to our company. We will be working together with Dr. Peter Molan, the world-famous manuka honey researcher. He just retired last year.
      Kind regards Elaine
      Manuka Honey USA

  2. 5 out of 5


    I am not suggesting that anyone ignore the advise of their health care provider. Just sharing my experience, which may or may not be reflective of yours. I was first introduced to manuka honey USA’s products when working as a nurse. Had a home health patient which had pretty bad wounds. The daughter had just started yetI successfully treating using the active Manuka Honey. I researched Manuka honey I bought some of the regular honey and some of the 16 + UMF for home use. I have used it just myself when the entire house was coming down rapidly with something flu-like. I made a cup of tea and added a tablespoon of active 16 +. Within hours I was feeling better. No one else that Day wanted to try my concoction. The following day I had one begging me to make them a cup as I was feeling great. Within two days everyone was on board and feeling better. I recently use manuka honey after being told I could possibly have diverticulitis though there was no conclusive test. Most of my test came back negative but I still had pretty bad abdominal pain. I was prescribed two different quite potent antibiotics. I opted to try manuka honey first. I ordered some Via telephone from Manuka Honey USA which is the only manuka honey I would recommend. However I couldn’t wait until it was delivered. I found a brand which starts with a “W” in a local farmers market type place. It was a little cheaper than Manuka Honey USA but does not carry the UMF. Also it does not say on the label that it is active. I knew right away when opening it it was not the quality of Manuka Honey USA. It was a much lighter color more like most honeys are and had a much sweeter flavor than the 16 plus. I went ahead and used it consuming nearly the whole jar. while it did seem like it worked I had to consume probably four times the amount that I would have of Manuka Honey USA 16 +. Ends up not being very cost effective. I don’t believe anything anybody tells me or any advertisement tells me. So I have really done my own independent research. I would never again purchase Manuka honey that is not active or does not carry the UMF those two are very important to see on the label. To my knowledge Manuka Honey USA is the only Distributor of the aforementioned in the United States.

    • :

      Dear Joyce
      Thank you for your very kind report about Manuka Honey. We are happy to learn that you find our brand the most reputable in the US, and want to thank you for that. But most important of all, is what this honey is doing for you and your family, the natural benefits. Because of testimonials like yours, we will continue to import this precious honey from New Zealand for the benefit of both humans and animals, suffering from gastro-intestinal distress and external skin/wound issues. Thank you again for your very kind comment. Much appreciated. We look forward serving you for decades to come.
      Kind regards Elaine
      Manuka Honey USA

  3. 5 out of 5


    I purchased the Manuka honey with UMF16+ a few years ago for possible digestion issues, bad heartburn. They seemed to clear up. Later on I developed an ingrown toenail, which got infected. I usually used an antibiotic ointment, but I ran out, so I decided to put some of the honey I had left on the toe with a band aid and the infection was gone in about a day or two. It worked, and it tastes great too.

    • :

      Hello Noelle
      Thank you so much for sharing your success with manuka honey.
      Keep sharing with everyone you know, to help spread the word about
      this special honey. As much as we would like to, we can no longer
      share customer feedback on our website or in our newsletter as
      drug companies are watching every move in the natural remedy sector…
      Thank you again for sharing.
      Kind regards Elaine
      Manuka Honey USA

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is the best honey I have EVER had. I’m a singer and occasionally suffer from allergies and post-nasal drip, which affects my throat. I always add a tablespoon to my herbal tea and it soothes and clears my throat like no other honey I’ve had. ALSO, I have a jar for morning facial cleansing. I used to suffer from moderate/severe cystic acne and had the scars to prove it. After quitting the chemical acne treatments (salicylic acid/Proactiv), it just got worse. Now, with just a teaspoon with a little bit of tea tree oil in the morning, I scrub it in gently on my damp face, leave on, and rinse off in the shower. I finish with a Burt’s Bees toner and a few drops of argan oil. Ever since starting this regimen, I rarely get acne, and almost never get cystic acne. It has deeply boosted my confidence and my skin is the healthiest it has EVER been. The anti-microbial properties in this honey make it the best for all of my ailments, whether skin or throat. Thank you for being one of the only reputable American Manuka Honey sellers. Finding a legit UMF certified USA buyer took forever, and I’m so glad you exist. The cost is 100% worth it.

    • :

      Hello Thomas
      Thank you so much for your amazing testimonial. I wish we would still be allowed to post
      comments online. We are happy for your success both in your singing career, as well as
      managing the symptoms of post nasal drip. We will continue serving our customers of the
      past 22+ years, the only right way: honest, sincere, truthful and UMF Tested and Certified.
      Thank you again for your feedback.
      Kind regards Elaine
      Manuka Honey USA

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Long story short, THE BEST OF ALL! I literally have had many different manuka honey brands and done many researches on Manuka honey. This is the best one, best tasting, color, thickness, and the most important of all is it being RAW and UN-PASTEURIZED.

    • :

      Hello Aryan Zarei
      Thank you so much for your kind words. It is very important to do your research about manuka honey and shop around,
      until you find the company that you know you can trust. We look forward to serving your manuka honey needs for many
      more years to come…
      Kind regards Elaine
      Manuka Honey USA

  6. 5 out of 5


    Wish I could give you 10 stars!
    My therapy dog had what looked like a little blister on his bottom in the morning. By that afternoon it had swollen a lot. The next day a friend of mine said to meet her and she’d give me some Manuka Honey for him. Three and a half hours after administering some honey to his bum and giving him some to eat the abscessed anal gland was ready to burst. The vet did a quick lance and it started to drain and is healing nicely.

    A friend of mine who was fighting cancer developed MRSA and it was healed through the use of Manuka Honey and The Lord.

    I have sent you an email with before and after pictures if Mo’s

    • :

      Thank you for sharing. We are so happy to hear back from both applications for human and animal use. We appreciate your comment, thank you for help spreading the word about his natural remedy from down under – kind regards Elaine PS: Feel free to email us your story again, I’m worried it got lost in the bulk bin…

  7. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I gave my daughter 1 tsp. every morning for 9 months for her acid reflux. Because of your honey, she was able to stay off medication for over a year after. I also used the honey as a topical salve on my grandmother’s hand. She had been taking care of my aunt while she was ill and had developed a spot of MRSA on the palm. I spread the honey on it and changed the bandage every 12 hours. Within 1 week it was completely healed over! Thank you!!!!!

    • :

      Thank you so much for sharing with our readers – much appreciated – kind regards Elaine

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