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Blue Borage Honey from New Zealand

The Men’s Favorite Honey! (women love it too…)

‘Best Honey’ for home made biscuits, scones, toast and in BBQ Sauces!

17.5 oz = 500g

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Blue Borage Honey from New Zealand

Blue Borage Honey is collected from the blue borage bush on the South Island of New Zealand. The blue borage plant has small blue flowers.

Blue Borage Honey has a delicate pleasant, mild, herbal scent, and tastes amazing on toast, scones, biscuits, on a peanut butter sandwich, as well as in tea. Blue Borage Honey also seems to be the “men’s favorit honey” for BBQ sauces and marinades. Blue Borage Honey is the perfect gift for men – women love it too…

Blue Borage Honey or Vipers Bugloss Blue Borage Honey (borago officinalis) is collected mainly on the South Island of New Zealand. Blue Borage Honey has a very delicate floral bouquet with a pleasant, mild, herbal scent and tastes great in tea, on toast, scones, biscuits or in a BBQ Sauce! Blue Borage Honey has high fructose levels.

Yes, a snake! Keep reading…

The term “Vipers Bugloss” goes back in history…

In 1656, the herbalist William Coles, described the wild growing Blue Borage Flower as follows, and I quote:

“Its stalks (stem) all speckled, like a snake or viper, and is a most singular remedy against poison and the sting of scorpions.”

The Latin Name “Echium Vulgare”, stems from the Greek word “echis” for viper, while bugloss is derived from the Greek for ox tongue, a reference to the shape and roughness of the leaves. The Blue Borage Bush, or Viper Bugloss, grows mainly on the South Island of New Zealand. It’s preferred habitat are the remove valleys, alps and dry meadows, known for their clean soil and pure air. The high fructose levels makes Blue Borage Honey slow to crystallize, therefore an ideal sweetener in tea, on toast, scones, home made biscuits, use in cookies, muffins and cakes, or as a natural sweetener in your favorite BBQ sauce, marinade or any other grill recipe.

Blue Borage Honey has a creamed, mild, delicate herbal taste, which is very appealing especially to men, although also enjoyed by women. I hope you enjoyed the brief article about Blue Borage Honey from New Zealand.

Blue Borage Honey is the perfect gift for a man for Father’s Day or any other occasion throughout the year. Following is a typical comment we would get, while we stilled owned our honey store in Florence, Oregon. We had a honey tasting table set up where customer could try 20 differenct kinds of honey and 10 varieties of honey mustards. Every time a man would try the Blue Borage Honey, I would watch their facial expression and exitement and comments like:

“I swear, this is the best honey I’ve ever tasted – give me 2 bottles of this Blue Borage Honey to take home!”

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Ingredients: Blue Borage Honey Suggested use:
Spread Blue Borage honey on toast, biscuits, scones. Blue Borage Honey add a delicious mild flavor to any tea. Once you have tried Blue Borage Honey, you will feel compelled to give it to family and friends to try. Check out our Triple Gift Pack, which includes 1 Manuka Honey, 1 Blue Borage and 1 Clover Honey.

Blue Borage Honey comes in 1 size: 17.5 oz / 500g / 1 lbs 1.5 oz

Store out of direct sunlight in cool, dry place.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 4 in

3 reviews for NEW ZEALAND BLUE BORAGE HONEY 17.5oz Jar

  1. Jim

    My wife and I have been ordering Blue Borage Honey by the half case for over 15 years, can’t live without it! This honey tastes delicious on biscuits and home made bread…

    • ManukaHoneyUSA

      Thank you, we appreciate both of you, kind regards Elaine

  2. Hernando (verified owner)

    Now I understand why blue borage honey is the MEN’s FAVORITE honey? It tastes AMAZING! I use it in my BBQ sauces and marinades, it’s that one secret ingredient no one can identify

  3. diane (verified owner)

    This truly is my favorite tasting honey ever!! I live in Colorado where we have some really great honey and I buy from everywhere but Blue Borage is hard to beat.

    • ManukaHoneyUSA

      Thank you for giving Blue Borage honey “a voice”. There are still a lot of people who still have not tried it. It’s hard to describe the taste, because it is so unique, but is it mild. Best on home made bread, biscuits or scones. Thank you for sharing from Colorado 🙂

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