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The Winter & Year-Round Wellness Pack” contains:

1 (35oz) Regular Manuka Honey Jar
1 Propolis Manuka Honey Syrup (8oz)
1 ORIGINAL Manuka Honey (10+) Throat Drops with Propolis (20 Lozenges)
1 Manuka Honey (10+) & Lemon Throat Drops with Propolis (20 Lozenges)
1 Manuka Honey (10+) & Strawberry Throat Drops with Propolis (20 Lozenges)



Keep your family healthy this freezing, cold winter…

Regular Manuka Honey

35oz Jar

Pure, raw, natural, un-pasteurized Regular Manuka Honey is the perfect natural sugar replacement for any recipe. Regular Manuka Honey is also used in tea, on toast, for cooking, baking and in BBQ sauces.

Manuka Honey’s irresistible unique caramel-like taste, will give every recipe that special twist – nobody can explain.

Have you thought of using Regular Manuka Honey for Manuka Honey Facials? Regular Manuka Honey is purchased by spas, who either use the honey itself as a facial mask, or mix it in with dead sea mud. Either way, this all natural manuka honey may leave your skin with a smooth, silky look and a fresh, vibrant and rejuvinated feel.

regular manuka honey for tea, toast, cooking, baking and in bbq sauces, your perfect sugar replacement product for any recipe

Pure, raw, natural, unpasteurized Regular Manuka Honey.

Suggested use:
Regular Manuka Honey has a unique caramel-like taste, and is used as a sugar replacement in any recipe, or for manuka honey facials.

Regualar Manuka Honey comes in 3 sizes:
– 17.5 oz / 500g / 1 lbs
– 35 oz / 1 kg / 2.2 lbs
– 105 oz / 3kg / 6.5 lbs

Store honey at room temperature or a little cooler.

Propolis Manuka Honey Syrup

Propolis Manuka Honey Syrup contains 100% natural ingredients, and a large amount of Manuka Honey.
Warning: Propolis may cause a reaction in Allergy Sufferers!

ORIGINAL Manuka Honey (10+) Throat Drops with Propolis
Organic evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Manuka Honey 10+, Bee Propolis, Organic Aniseed Oil.

Manuka Honey (10+) & Lemon Throat Drops with Propolis
Organic evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Manuka Honey 10+, Organic Citric Acid, Propolis, Organic Lemon Oil, Organic Menthol.

Manuka Honey (10+) & Strawberry Throat Drops with Propolis

Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Dried Cane Syrup, Manuka Honey 10+, Bee Propolis, Menthol, Natural Strawberry Flavor, Beet Juice.

Manuka Honey Drops Details:

20 x 4g = 80g per package
Suggested use:
Dissolve one honey drop slowly in the mouth.
Repeat up to 5 times a day as needed.
Do not give to children under 2 years.
Propolis may cause severe allergic reactions in some people.
If irritation or swelling of the mouth occurs, discontinue use
and consult with your local healthcare provider.
Pregnant and lactating women:
Consult with your healthcare provider before
using any product container honey.
Store in cool, dry place
Keep out of reach of children
Non GMO Product:
This product is all natural, and has not been genetically modified.


Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 in

1 review for The Winter & Year-Round Wellness Pack

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    This combo package of manuka honey, cough syrup and cough drops helps to keep our family healthy during the cold winter months. At the very first sign of a sore throat, I give my daughter a teaspoon of manuka honey a couple of times throughout the day. However, if she starts to cough, I start giving her the manuka honey cough syrup as well. If the cough is very persistent, she is now old enough to use the cough drops, to help sooth her throat. Our family does not like using antibiotics, we prefer doing things the natural way.

    • Thank you for sharing your family’s story with our readers – much appreciated – have a great day – best regards Elaine

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