I highly recommend this product for humans and animals. I can’t tell you the remarkable results that I have had, I have referred it to many others, nothing compares to this product. I just don’t understand why they don’t use it like they should in medical facilities or veterinarian practices. I guess it’s about making the off if pharmaceutical products, which are harmful! It’s sad!

Caroline Stewart CoronaGeorgia

I first ordered a jar of Manuka Honey about four years ago, just to try it, and have since ordered about half a dozen more jars — it’s THAT good! I’ve used it both internally, and externally, and it WORKS! Cuts and scrapes heal in no time at all, and a teaspoon taken internally will calm a “hot” stomach in no time at all. It IS an acquired taste, but once you get used to the “STRONG” honey taste, there’s none other like it.

Gail ThiessenDawson Creek, BC