Shop Honey Products online with Manuka Honey USA. We offer the "medium strength" Manuka Honey UMF®16+, because 25+ years of Research by Dr. Peter Molan of the Waikato University in New Zealand, has shown that the "medium strength" Manuka Honey, seems to be the most beneficial for both internal and external natural applications. When you purchase just 3 jars Manuka Honey UMF®16+, or shop any other Manuka Honey Products for $150+,  you will receive FREE SHIPPING within the USA. We purchase our Manuka Honey UMF® from Graham Cammell's Family Owned Honey Farm, therefore their License # 1033, is printed on our labels. Cammell's Honey Farm is a long standing Member of the UMF® Association, which oversees the very important External Quality Control Function, to ensure that they export only the Highest Quality in the industry...

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