The natural benefits of Authentic Manuka Honey have been researched over 26+ years by Dr. Peter Molan from the Waikato University New Zealand. Since 1994 Manuka Honey USA has been importing this naturally medicinal manuka honey, because we have a passion for helping people and animals facing internal and external issues, the natural way, with manuca honey, and other related products. When you purchase Authentic Manuka Honey products from our company, you may rest assured, that our Manuka Honey UMF®16+ is UMF® Lab Tested, UMF® Certified and UMF® Licensed.  Our UMF® License Number # 2238 is printed ON the label, and the honey is left in its pure, raw, natural, un-pasteurized form. If you are looking to purchase Best Manuka Honey Products in the US, you have found the trusted source, you and your family can rely on today, tomorrow and in the future…

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