1. I am trying to find something that will help a diabetic foot ulcer that the doctor has failed to heal up in over 5 years any information will be grately appreciated

    • Hello Clyde
      We have a lot of diabetic customers who simply use active Manuka Honey UMF(R)16+. Apply a medium amount of this honey to a sterile gauze, then apply the gauze with the honey pre-attached, to any opening of the skin, and keep the honey-gauze in place with skin friendly paper tape. Change dressing once a day. I you would like more information or instructions, feel free to call us today at (407) 271 8484 or 1-800 395 2196. Please note, our staff will be out of office April 18-20 (attending a conference), back on April 21st. Kind regards Elaine Manuka Honey USA http://www.manukahoneyusa.com

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