How Tea Tree Oil and Propolis Can Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Including more natural ingredients in our everyday routines is something that has become very popular over the last few years. With this trend on the rise, more and more companies are putting out all natural products including deodorants, body washes, and even toothpaste. One natural ingredient that has been found to really help with better overall oral health is tea tree oil.

Proper Oral Health Tips

As many of us have been told, in order to maintain proper oral health, it is important to brush our teeth and gums at least twice a day-once in the morning and once in the evening. The proper brushing method is to use an appropriate amount of toothpaste and begin brushing the teeth and gums gently in a circular motion, making sure to get all sides of the tooth and including the gums and tongue. Additionally, you should also be flossing between the teeth at least once a day to prevent gingivitis.

While many of us hate flossing our teeth on a regular basis, there is an important reason why this should be done. While brushing is an effective cleaning method, it will only care for three of the four surfaces of the tooth, leaving the side between teeth not clean. Flossing helps to reach that fourth surface and remove plaque buildup and germs that often lead to gum disease. Gum disease, when left untreated, can often lead to serious infection, tooth looseness, and even tooth loss.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits

Tea tree oil is a well-known, natural disinfectant that has been used by medical professionals for years as a natural treatment for different bacteria. Because of its antiseptic properties, tea tree oil is often used to help with oral health, fighting bacteria and fighting plaque that builds up along the gum line. Since tea tree oil has been proven to be both effective and natural, more and more companies are including this ingredient in oral health products, such as mouthwashes and toothpastes.

Propolis Botanical Oral Care Toothpaste with Tea Tree Oil

Oral Fresh Toothpaste, a propolis botanical oral care toothpaste containing tea tree oil, is a healthy and effective alternative to many of the store brand toothpastes available. This paste leaves teeth and gums feeling clean and breath fresh all while using all natural ingredients that will not harm the body. Oral Fresh Toothpaste contains all natural ingredients including propolis cera and tea tree oil – tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, helping to effectively and harmlessly kill germs in the mouth that cause diseases.

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