One of the more popular skincare items, as we recently discussed, is tea tree oil. If you are fan of that, you are going to love Manuka oil. This essential oil has the same properties as tea tree oil, only it has a far more favorable scent to it. For many people, because it may cost a bit more than tea tree oil, they will keep the Manuka oil for special occasions when the scent really matters (tea tree oil can have a medicinal scent when used on its own).

So Relaxing

More so than tea tree oil, Manuka oil tends to be more soothing and “balancing” for people who use it. The scent, usually described as more earthy or like a rainfall, tends to relax people and ground them. In “Manuka, Kanuka and Tea Tree Oil – 3 Essential Oils with Interesting Effects on the Psyche,” R. Von Braunschweig states, “Manuka is a protective oil similar to myrrh and cedarwood. She says that old psychic scars get smoothed and that the sesquiterpenes stabilize and protect the nervous system and balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves. Manuka’s vitalizing scent is well suited to gentle souls who express themselves through sensitive skin or frequent digestive upsets.”

Using Manuka Oil

Like any essential oil, you should never apply the oil directly to your skin or use alone. It is always recommended to use a carrier oil or to blend with a moisturizer when applying. If you are going to use in a bath, combine the Manuka oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, then put a few drops into your bathwater.

This essential oil also works well with several other essential oils, but you do want to take the scents of the oils into consideration when combining. The earthy smell of Manuka oil blends particularly well with essential oils reflecting the same scent, such as wood, citrus, spice, and mint. Another added benefit of Manuka oil is that it tends to last longer than tea tree oil, so you won’t have to worry about tossing it quite so quickly, more than justifying the added expense.

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