Doggie eating raw honey

There is always a lot of debate about how much honey you can feed your pet or even if you should feed your pet honey at all. While you can definitely NOT feed any pet honey in large quantities, most reliable sources would say feeding a cat or dog honey in moderation, preferably in treats, is quite acceptable. Of course, we always recommend discussing any dietary changes for your pet with your veterinarian first, as your pet may have specific conditions that would prevent your fur baby from being able to enjoy a spoonful of the sweet stuff.

Why Feed Your Dog Raw Honey?

According to Whole Dog Journal, there are numerous benefits that can be enjoyed by your dog with a small dose of raw honey.

#1- Relieving Skin Allergies

Depending upon “local” allergies your dog is experiencing, some local honey may be beneficial. The key is that the bees must be pollinating from the flowers specifically related to those allergies. This is a subject of some debate, as a LOT of misinformation has been put out on this subject. Also, because it is an allergy and a reaction may occur, be sure to check with the vet before pursuing this course of action to address allergies for your dog.

#2 – Helps Kennel Cough

Just like people, dogs can get a case of coughs. And, just like humans, a touch of honey can soothe the throat and help relieve the cough.

#3 – Healing Topical Wounds

We are seeing more and more vets use honey to treat topical wounds on pets. We have written several stories on our blog already about horses, turtles, and dogs being treated with honey when wounds are present. The natural anti-bacterial properties help reduce infections as well as protecting the injured area.

#4 – Upset Stomach Relief

Personally, I have used Manuka honey to replace my acid reflux medicine with great success, so this makes perfect sense. The honey not only coats the stomach, but some doctors believe the antibacterial properties of the honey can fight against any bacteria present in the stomach.

#5 – Energy Boost

Just as athletes use energy shots for a quick boost of energy, pups can benefit from a small dose of honey to raise their level of energy. This may be appropriate if you are going to take your pup on a run or some other activity where an energy boost would be beneficial.

Again, we cannot stress enough before changing your dog’s diet, always consult with your vet. Additionally, while honey has been used for topical wound treatment, if the cut is deeper, it should be addressed with a vet ASAP.

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Photo by Jordan Davis on Unsplash

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