MANUKA HONEY UMF®16+ (Pure, raw, natural, unpasteurized, Tested & Cert.)
    Manuka Honey UMF®16+ 8 oz (250g) $34.30 $49 12 Jars $411.60 $
    Manuka Honey UMF®16+ 17.5 oz (500g) $64.40 $92 12 Jars $772.80 $
    Manuka Honey UMF®16+ 35 oz (1kg) $128.80 $174 6 Jars $772.80 $
    MULTIFLORAL MANUKA HONEY: Tea, Toast, Cooking, Baking & Manuka Honey FACIALS…
    MF Manuka Honey 17.5 oz $29.40 $42 12 Jars $352.80 $
    MF Manuka Honey 35 oz $51.80 $74 12 Jars $621.60 $
    MF Manuka Honey 105 oz $138.60 $198 4 Buckets $554.40 $
    Throat Drops (3 kinds 13+)   $5.95 $8.50 12/pack $71.40 $
    Propolis Elixier 8 oz $18.20 $26 12/pack $218.40 $
    New Zealand BLUE BORAGE HONEY & POHUTUKAWA HONEY (creamed, whipped, delicious!)
    Blue Borage Honey 17.5 oz $18.20 $26 12 Jars $218.40 $
    Pohutukawa Honey 17.5 oz $18.20 $26 12 Jars $218.40 $
    Oral Fresh Tooth Gel 3.5 oz $5.95 $8.50 12 Tubes $71.40 $
    Book: Honey, Gourmet Medicine $10.00 $15 12 Books $120.00 $
    Mild Tea Tree Soap 3.5 oz $5.95 $8.50 12 Soaps $71.40 $
    Manuka Oil 1.01 fl oz $12.95 $18.50 12 Bottles $155.40 $
    7 Cream  2.0 fl oz  $16.80 $24 12 Creams $201.60 $

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    MANUKA HONEY UMF®16+ is pure, raw, natural, unpasteurized, UMF® Lab Tested, UMF® Certified and UMF® Licensed. Our UMF® License Number is: 2238. You can verify our UMF® License at the Official UMF® Honey Association New Zealand at

    Please Note 
    According to the Official UMF® Association (UMFHA), only UMF® License Holders, such as Manuka Honey USA LLC and other members, are allowed to use the term UMF / UMF® etc. As a wholesale buyer / manufacturer, the only thing that you are allowed to mention, when promoting your products made with our licensed honey, is the following: “Our Manuka Honey Supplier is a UMFHA Licensee”. Likewise, the word “active” is no longer allowed to be used in marketing materials on and offline, as it implies some type of “activity”, so the term “active manuka honey” can not be used anymore.

    Manuka Honey USA LLC is one of the lead companies, importing this unique manuka honey from New Zealand into the United States since 1994, for the past 25+ years, and playing such an important role in the manuka honey import business, we strive to set the best example, complying with all the rules and regulations in the Manuka Honey Industry. In addition to the UMF Honey Association, we also comply with the MPI, FDA and Customs. Manuka Honey UMF®16+ has been researched over 26+ years by Dr. Peter Molan from the Waikato University of New Zealand, and other researchers, and was found to naturally help eliminate staph, strep, h. pylori, MRSA & VRE wound infections, in both humans and animals. For more information, Call 1-800 395 2196. We are here to help answer all your questions to your full satisfaction, before placing your orders…

    Our website is an integral part of this Wholesale Price List & Order Form. When you purchase products from us, you agree to our online, common sense “Terms & Conditions”.

    Current prices and product availability are listed online, printed matter could be outdated… All orders, Wholesale and Retail, are on a prepayment basis, therefore there is no need to set up an account with us. Our UMF License # is: 2238

    We accept 5 major credit cards, Visa, Master, Diners, Discover, American Express and Wire Payments as of $2500+. Once payment has been received in full, we will ship your order within 24-48 hours, during Regular Business Hours MO-FR 9-5, EST Orlando Florida.

    All Wholesale Orders are final, we do not accept any returns. Please note, every 3kg bucket of MF Manuka Honey is over-filled by 10-20grams of honey (that you are not paying for), in order to seal the lid air tight, so if you see some honey oozing out around the lid that can happen, and is within the norm. Also remember, that Manuka Honey has travelled a long way from New Zealand, all the way to our warehouse in Orlando, so there is some load shifting that can also cause a couple drops of honey oozing along the way. Remember, bacteria can NOT grow in honey that is pure, raw, natural and un-pasteurized.

    PLEASE NOTE regarding SAMPLES:
    We do not receive any samples from our beekeepers and manufacturer’s to pass on to you. All products are packaged in full size. If you wish to try a product, before purchasing the full case, we recommend, that you place a Trial Order first at, then proceed to place your wholesale order over the phone, when you are ready at 1-800 395 2196 or (407) 271 8484

    Manuka Honey USA, 8815 Conroy Windermere Road, Suite # 229, Orlando FL 32835  Tel: (407) 271 8484 Toll-Free Order Hot-Line: 1-800 395 2196, Fax (407) 271 8483

    We are here to help answer all your questions to your full satisfaction, before placing your first order, just ask for Elaine.