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Horse Cheats Death with Help of Honey

A horse in the United Kingdom who was on the verge of dying made an amazing recovery thanks to some TLC and honey. The horse, named Miracle, ran into a fence and suffered a foot-long wound in her leg. Owner Sue Gessey runs the Animal Healing Trust located in Withal, Worcestershire and had taken Miracle in as a rescue horse. The horse was saved from a knacker’s property four years ago, only to be faced with death once again due to her injury.

After the injury occurred, one veterinarian suggested that Miracle be put to sleep but her owner would not allow that action to take place. Gessey sought the opinion of another vet who suggested they use honey in Miracle’s wound two times a day to help speed up the healing process – the honey Miracle’s team used was from the charity’s own beehives. Six days after the honey treatments began the horse was able to put weight on her leg and after five weeks of treatment Miracle made a full recovery.

“We don’t know what Miracle did but it was a horrible injury,” said Gessey. “I arrived at the centre in the morning and she was in the field with her leg gaping and there was blood everywhere. She must have caught her leg on a fence in a freak accident. When I looked closer I saw a huge piece of skin flapping around with blood pouring out. It was horrible. For the next three days the vet was calling me telling me I needed to put Miracle down, but I couldn’t believe it.”

“He operated on her in the field for £400 and then said I needed to apply honey to the wound every day, which would work as a natural antiseptic,” Gessey went on to say. “That was no problem for me, as we have our own beehive for exactly that. I believe that’s why she made such an amazing recovery, it was like silk binding her leg back together.” The horse got her name Miracle four years ago when she was rescued from a slaughter house with just hours to spare before she was to be killed.

“After her latest scare she’s certainly living up to her name,” said Gessey. This lucky horse has made a full recovery, mostly due to the commitment of her owner and her medical team who wouldn’t give up on a special horse named Miracle.

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