moon milk with manuka honey

Throughout the year, people often find themselves noticing food trends on social media. Sometimes, they stick around and become almost a fixture in food culture, such as Manuka honey, and sometimes they disappear into the internet ether. Whether it’s broccoli coffee, mermaid cakes, or alcohol ice pops, food trends will continually set fire to social media and make their splash, permanent or otherwise. One food trend you may or may not have heard of would be moon milk, a pastel-colored drink that is usually bejeweled with edible crystals and flowers. This hot, milk-based drink is also typically blended with different add-ins, such as Manuka honey, herbs, spices, and oils, which are believed to help individuals sleep.

However, it’s turns out moon milk may be more than a simple pretty-looking beverage. According to Monica Auslander Moreno, a registered dietician, moon milk may have health benefits as well, but this depends on your chosen add-ins. Moreno recommends starting with organic, unsweetened soy or nut milk or grass-fed milk to act as your base. Using a saucepan—not a microwave in case the milk congeals—warm the base up and add your desired spices, herbs, or even Manuka honey for good measure.

Turmeric is an herb Moreno recommends for mixing into moon milk, in large part due to its supposed anti-inflammatory benefits. “You could go as simple as a turmeric latte by adding in turmeric and its activating friend, black pepper, or as wild as adding Manuka honey, cinnamon, cacao powder, or even collagen to thicken it,” Moreno said. However, per Moreno, it’s not likely you’ll notice significant changes after drinking a single cup, so this is something worth considering before trying out moon milk.

Lyuda Bouzinova, who is an ACE-certified nutrition fitness specialist, is of the same mindset as Moreno, stating that moon milk has beneficial ingredients, such as melatonin, which helps regulate sleep cycles, and tryptophan, which can help individuals relax and fall asleep. The drink can also have downsides from a nutritional standpoint, such as adding extra sugar to one’s diet. Additionally, nutritionist Kimberly Snyder has said these types of drinks can potentially be beneficial, but not every pre-made powder is up to snuff, so consumers need to make sure they’re looking for natural and low-sugar options.

For some, it may be easy to simply write moon milk off as just one more flash-in-the-pan health trend, but there may be enough to keep people interested, especially those who struggle to get to sleep at night. Falling asleep can happen easily, painlessly, and quickly when individuals have healthy, daily nighttime routines, and one of the best methods for dealing with insomnia is by addressing one’s lifestyle, not necessarily seeking out an easy fix like moon milk. That being said, a cup of warm moon milk would be soothing for anyone, and if it can help make you sleepy, it’s likely worth trying if its ingredients agree with you.

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