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Mr. Foamer Simpson Starts New Men’s Grooming Endeavor

The power and ease of use of social media and the Internet has brought people across the world closer together. Gone are the days of the leveled “media bureaucracy” that came between a creative mind and their target audience and now we see closer relationships between brands and the consumers who love them. One of these creative minds who has used social media and the Internet to his advantage is Mr. Foamer Simpson, a household name in the independent sneaker media world.

Simpson is a likeable personality who is charismatic and funny. Himself and his brother, “Young Buckets,” are able to pack serious talent into their well-produced and well-received video content. Even though the brothers have seen great success in the sneaker industry, they have recently made a jump into a completely unrelated world – the world of men’s grooming. They duo recently released their line of men’s grooming products, specifically for beards, which is being called “Beard Necessities.”

The first product in Simpson and Bucket’s line is called “Grizzly Beard Conditioner,” which is made from all natural ingredients including one that many people would not expect – honey.  And not just any kind of honey, medical grade Manuka honey. The pair explained in an interview with that they were inspired to launch the men’s grooming line when the current products on the market were not meeting their needs, specifically a product for dry skin and irritation that worked well for them.

In addition to providing consumers with products they feel were lacking from other providers, Simpson and Bucket’s also wanted a way to differentiate themselves and provide something unique. Simpson explained that, when they began the venture, the had the opportunity to use cheap ingredients that would make their final product cheaper than anyone else’s, but that is not the direction he wanted Beard Necessities to take. “The primary ingredients in a lot of the products I tried were alcohol and water. Alcohol dries skin; that is the last thing I wanted to put on my face,” Simpson said.

The primary ingredients in the Beard Necessities line are all organic and include medical grade Manuka honey and aloe vera gel. Simpson and Buckets believe that these high quality, more expensive ingredients are what is needed to “get the job done” and upon testing the products, Simpson expresses that consumers will be able to see and feel the results of a high quality product compared to other, cheaper alternatives. When asked if the duo had plans to expand, Simpson answered “Absolutely.”

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